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Things To Do

Wealthy relaxers

Higher income travelers (average age 36) seeking a relaxing and luxurious holiday. They want to relax at their hotel, eat at a variety of restaurants and go shopping. They also want to visit heritage sites, religious buildings and sites of natural beauty


  • Explore the museums of Qatar
  • Sample the traditional Qatari cuisine
  • Cruise the traditional Dhow boat
  • Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque tour
  • Duration

    7 days

  • Hotels

    5 star

  • Highlight

    Yacht cruise

Day 1

Ease in at the resort

Morning / afternoon

1. Enjoy resort pool and beach facilities

Recover from your travels with some rest and relaxation at your exclusive beach resort. Spend the morning walking the beach, sunbathing and taking dips in Doha's sparkling Gulf waters and your resort's exclusive pools.

Wealthy relaxers

2. Partake in water sports/marine activities

Indulge in the various watersports or marine activities that Qatar has to offer. You can organize lessons or equipments rentals from your resort for kayaking, stand-up paddling (SUP), parasailing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding amongst many more.

Afternoon / evening

3. Relax and rejuvenate at the resort spa

Qatar's five-star properties house some of the most luxurious spas in the world. Relax and rejuvenate with a spa treatment of your choice. 

Wealthy relaxers

4. Evening walk along the Corniche and dhow boat (dinner) cruise

End your day with a leisurely stroll along Doha's famous waterfront Corniche. Take in the sights and sounds of the city and enjoy watching life go by as the sun sets. From the Corniche, take a traditional wooden dhow boat tour, with a pre-arranged dinner on board. Enjoy dining on Doha's waters with the evening skyline glittering in a distance. 

Wealthy relaxers
End of day 1
Day 2

A taste of the local culture

Morning / afternoon

1. Wander through iconic Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) and MIA Park

Begin your tour at the famous Museum of Islamic Art, an architectural wonder designed by Pritzker prize-winning architect I.M. Pei, covering 14 centuries of Islamic art and artefacts. The museum comprises four floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions, a gift shop, a café and the haute cuisine restaurant IDAM by renowned chef Alain Ducasse, on the fifth floor. Afterwards, relax and enjoy the surrounding MIA Park where you can stroll, enjoy public art, gardens and cafés and take in the Doha skyline from the best vantage point in the city. 

Wealthy relaxers

2. Experience the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

Be awed by the desert-rose inspired National Museum of Qatar, where interactive displays bring the country’s past to life. Built around Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani’s original palace, the National Museum of Qatar charts the country’s history and progress through the centuries. While on-site, enjoy rotating activations of the museum courtyards, fabulous cafés, and unique shops. 

3. Stroll through vibrant Souq Waqif and the Gold Souq

Built on the site of Doha's century-old trading market, Souq Waqif's winding alleys with merchants selling traditional garments, spice and handicrafts remain an important part of daily life in Qatar. The newly renovated souq now also offers a myriad of restaurants, coffee shops and lounges. Souq Waqif is also home to the Falcon Souq, where you can see the majestic birds up close and pose with a falcon perched on your arm. Continue the tour to the Gold Souq across the street whre all that glitter is, in fact, gold. Shoppers can find a rich variety of jewellery, both traditional and contemporary pieces, at competitive prices.

Wealthy relaxers

4. Try the local cuisine in one of a myriad of souq eateries

Relish a sumptuous meal at one of the many unique and traditional eateries in Souq Waqif, with both indoor and outdoor dining options. 

End of day 2
Day 3

Where nature meets art

Morning / afternoon

1. Tour of Zekreet area

Venture out on a tour of the Zekreet area, a village in north-western Qatar near Dukhan and about 80 km north-west of Doha. Nestled between limestone rock formations outside Zekreet and Ras Abrouq Nature Reserve, you will find Richard Serra's East-West/West-East installation, comprising four steel plates, each of which is over 14 m in height, and spanning over 1 km. It stands in stark contrast to the soft brown hues of the desert surrounding it and offers a comment on isolation and the passage of time. Other highlights of the tour includes rock climbing,  exploring Film City and visiting an Arabian oryx sanctuary, a breeding farm for Qatar's national animal.  

desert landscape at sunset of Ras Brouq resreve  near Zekreet Qatar
Afternoon / evening

2. Relax back at the hotel

Head back to your hotel where you can unwind by the pool or indulge in a spa treatment of your choice.

Wealthy relaxers

3. Dine at the resort or at one of Qatar's other many upscale restaurants featuring Michelin-star chefs

End the day with a memorable fine dining experience at a high-end restaurant of your choice. Qatar is known for its haute cuisines and its diverse culinary.

End of day 3
Day 4

The Pearl of Doha

Morning / afternoon

1. Rest/relax at hotel pool/beach/spa

Begin the day on a relaxing note at the resort’s pool or beach facilities. Enjoy the sun and the sea along with Qatar’s hospitality. Indulge in the various watersports and activities Qatar has to offer in its hospitality properties or choose to rejuvenate with a spa treatment of your choice.  

Wealthy relaxers
Afternoon / evening

2. Explore The Pearl

Head to the Pearl and visit its various unique districts. Porto Arabia - the modern Mediterranean district features a plethora of great indoor and outdoor retail shopping options as well as seaside dining. Medina Centrale the bustling district central offers luxury and local boutiques and a wide variety of eateries. Finally, Qanat Quartier, a picturesque community that brings together Venetian charm with Arabian chic, is a lovely place to stroll along the canals. 


Wealthy relaxers

3. Private yacht cruise from The Pearl marina

Enjoy a cruise along the Pearl - Marina, on a private yacht to enjoy the sights and scenes of the gorgeous Marina and around the Pearl. 

'The Pearl' marina illuminated at night on the outskirts of Doha. Spanning four million square meters 'The Pearl' will be the first land in Qatar available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals
End of day 4
Day 5

Qatar's rich heritage

Morning / afternoon

1. Half or full-day heritage tour

Book a tour to explore some of Qatar's most interesting heritage sites. Start at Jazirat Bin Ghanim (Purple Island) where natural purple dye has been extracted dating back to the 2nd millennium B.C. While there, enjoy the surrounding lush green mangroves and the brids that they attract. Then head northwest to Al Zubarah, a window into what was once the most significant pearl harvesting and trading center in Qatar. Take a tour fo Zubarah Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore hte archaelogical excavations and museum. 

Wealthy relaxers
Afternoon / evening

2. Relax by hotel pool/beach/spa

On returning to your resort, spend time relaxing by the pool or beach, or indulge in a spa treatment of your choice. 

Wealthy relaxers

3. Dine at the resort or at one of Qatar's other upscale restaurants featuring Michelin-star chefs

End the day with a sumputous dinner back at your resort at another high-end restaruant of your choice. Qatar is known for its haute cuisines and its diverse culinary options that cover all needs and tastes.

Chicken Meat, Kebab, Doner Kebab, Barbecue, Shawarma
End of day 5
Day 6

Qatar's Islamic values and roots

Morning / afternoon

1. Qatar State Grand Mosque tour

Begin the day with a pre-booked tour of the largest mosque in Qatar - Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque that is also known as the Qatar State Grand Mosque. Inaugurated in 2011, the simple design and graceful arches are characteristic of Islamic architectural tradition. The mosque houses three libraries, separate prayer and ablution halls for men and women, and can hold over 30,000 worshippers. Being mindful of the sanctity of the site, be sure to dress modestly.

mohammed bin abdulwahab mosque

2. Education City Mosque and gallery tour

Continue your trip to visit The Education City Mosque and Gallery. The mosque is housed within the Minaretein building that gracefully rests on five large columns, representing the five pillars of Islam. Take a tour of the mosque and adjoining gallery to learn about the basic tenants of Islam and how they can be expressed through art and community. 

Afternoon / evening

3. Msheireb Museums

Dive deep into Qatar's untold stories and intriguing history at the Msheireb Museums. Explore the four historic heritage houses that have been restored and transformed into museums to explore key actors and periods in Qatar's history and evolution. The Msheireb Museums provide visitors with a walk through Qatar's history in an up-close and personal way.

Wealthy relaxers

4. Wander through Msheireb Downtown and Doha Design District

Visit the vibrant neighbourhood of Msheireb Downtown that revives Doha’s old commercial district with a new architectural language. Msheireb is a smart city with great cafes and eateries that also offers fabulous retail and cultural offerings. While there, stroll down Sikkat Al Wadi, a pedestrian walkway that runs through Doha Design District. Qatar's newest hub for creativity and innovation, showcasing Qatar's up and coming designers, artists and entrepreneurs.  

Wealthy relaxers

5. Dine at one of Msheireb's fine restaurants

Experience fine dining at one of the many excellent restaurants in Msheireb. Enjoy exquisite dishes from renowned chefs who've mastered both local and international cuisines. 

Iftar table with iftar food
End of day 6
Day 7

Shop in style

Morning / afternoon

1. Luxury shopping trip

Before you depart Qatar, make sure to take advantage of the luxury shopping opportunities across Doha. Plan a visit to Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City or Place Vendome to fulfill all your shopping desires. 

Wealthy relaxers
Afternoon / evening

2. Galleries Lafayette at Katara Cultural Village

Head to Galeries Lafayette anchoring Katara Cultural Village on 21 High St. This impressive open shopping area is home to 400 top-line brands, ensuring the best shopping experience. Get a sense of Paris with a side of classic Qatari hospitality while traversing the opulent air-conditioned walkways of Katara High Street. Katara Cultural Village is also unmissable for its thriving culture scene filled with art, food, and cultural events.

Wealthy relaxers

3. Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) performance at Katara Opera House (schedule dependent)

While at Katara Cultural Village, enjoy a live performance by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at the Katara Opera House, where classical Western and Arabic music are performed by internationally acclaimed music professionals and conductors. With renowned musicians and artists from across the world. QPO will leave you in awe of the level of music on offer in Qatar, which is on par with major orchestras in cities around the world. 

Wealthy relaxers
End of day 7