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Feature your events on Qatar Calendar

Get your events featured on Qatar’s one-stop listing of all events, festivals and beyond - happening in and around the country every day.

Frequently asked questions

Events that cannot be displayed on the Qatar Calendar platform include:

  • Private or limited invitation events
  • Product launching events
  • Events selling art, retail or commercial products
  • Auditions, small workshops, courses or classes
  • Individual school events, programs or holiday camps
  • Events of personal nature such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc
  • Events that promote alcohol, firearms, weapons, and any unsuitable content that doesn’t align. with Qatar culture and religion

Your event will be published on Qatar Calendar within 5 business days if the event is approved upon receiving complete information about the event.

Please contact our team at for all queries regarding event listing amendments or removal.

In order to have an event listed on the Qatar Calendar, the following requirements need to be met:

  • The event must be held in Qatar
  • The event must consider Qatar’s culture and values

In order to promote the several events featured with us, Qatar Calendar, as a product will be promoted across various channels including digital and print media. At an event level, all events are guaranteed to be listed on the Visit Qatar website as well as the mobile app.

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