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Hotel & Tourism Company toolkit

Your one-stop visual hub for all-things-Qatar

The toolkit comprises high-resolution images, videos, designs and marketing toolkits to showcase and promote all that Qatar has to offer as a destination and the wide range of exciting experiences it presents to its residents and visitors.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Feel More in Qatar Campaign Assets

Please click the link below to access Feel More campaign assets.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Qatar Tourism video toolkit

Qatar makes a fascinating destination for travellers of all interests and ages. Qatar Tourism presents selected video library showcasing the best of Qatar, created to deliver that perfect dose of inspiration. From views from the skies to close-ups of all the adventures, action and activities on offer in the country, we have got it all.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Image library

Qatar Tourism has an extensive image library. We have compiled a selection of Qatar’s top attractions. Please click the link below to access our image library.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Prepare your visit

Planning to visit our beautiful country? Then we have just the guide for you. Follow our five step guide and learn the ins-and-outs when it comes to arriving at the airport, travelling around Doha, booking activities and our cultural norms. This is your one stop shop.

Spectacular aerial views of Qatar

Enjoy stunning aerial views of Qatar, showcasing the country's offerings in terms of nature, gems, city highlights and beyond.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Visit Qatar mobile app toolkit

Whether you’re looking to promote Qatar’s newest attractions, experiences or include the latest on Qatar Events Calendar via the mobile application – you are sure to find your essentials for the mobile application design right here.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Call Centre Toolkit

106 Tourism Hotline is available 24/7 to assist our visitors in their journey. Visitors can find tailored touristic information through our call center and contact us directly via call, chatbot, and WhatsApp.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Qatar Map

Marvel at the destination of Qatar as you navigate through the country’s iconic locations and beyond like an expert with our comprehensive Qatar Map. Download the digital version here.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Qatar Now

A unique and fast-growing destination, Qatar offers a plethora of things to do and see in and around Qatar catering to every type of traveller. Qatar Now is your go-to comprehensive guide to showcase the masterpieces and experiences that awaits. Download the digital version here.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Qatar Tourism Media Gallery

Our new media library welcomes its visitors with a brand new design, enhanced accessibility, and a fresh environment that is easy to use and navigate. We are proud to present a carefully-curated collection of attractive images and videos of Qatar, for everyone to experience.

Qatar Tourism Hotel Toolkit

Social Content

Please click the link below for exclusive social content.


Qatar has a vibrant calendar of festivals and tourism events that take place every year and help build interest in the country’s diverse and authentic tourism offerings.

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