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Dive deeper into the specifics of the Qatar Tourism Awards' criteria. Here, you'll find detailed benchmarks and requirements within each category, guiding you through what it takes to be recognised in these prestigious awards.

Service excellence

The award aims to celebrate outstanding businesses and individuals within the tourism sector that epitomize excellence in customer service. It honours brands and people who consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to ensuring an exceptional, remarkable, and unforgettable visitor journey in Qatar. Whether through personalized interactions, attention to detail, or innovative solutions, these recipients go above and beyond the call of duty to elevate the guest experience and further establish Qatar’s reputation as a world-class destination for tourism.

1.1 Outstanding 3-Star Hotel

The award celebrates hotels that excel in providing exceptional service and amenities, elevating the guest experience within the 3-star rating category. These distinguished establishments go above and beyond, ensuring guests receive unparalleled service and value for their money, making them “top picks” for travellers seeking affordable convenience and quality.

Eligibility:  Any classified 3-star hotel, possessing a valid Qatar Tourism license that has been operational for a minimum of 15 months, is invited to participate.

1.2 Outstanding 4-Star Hotel

The award recognises 4-Star hotels that consistently offer exceptional experiences to their guests surpassing typical standards in its class. The hotel is ideal for business trips and leisure stays, providing a perfect blend of luxury and affordability.

Eligibility:  Any classified 4-star hotel, possessing a valid Qatar Tourism license that has been operational for a minimum of 15 months, is invited to participate.

1.3 Outstanding 5-Star Hotel

This prestigious award celebrates the epitome of luxury accommodation, setting the benchmark for excellence on both domestic and international fronts. Winners in this category symbolize sophistication, a culture of impeccable service and unmatched comfort, providing guests with an extraordinary experience that surpasses all expectations. From lavish furnishings and opulent amenities to exquisite dining choices and personalized service, these hotels epitomize hospitality and refinement. Each winner is a beacon of luxury, attracting discerning travellers seeking unparalleled indulgence and relaxation.

Eligibility: Any classified 5-star hotel, possessing a valid Qatar Tourism license that has been operational for a minimum of 15 months, is invited to participate.

1.4 Exceptional Spa Experience

This is awarded to the spa facility that delivers unparalleled and rejuvenating experiences encompassing treatments, ambience, and exceptional customer service. The ideal customer for this Spa seeks relaxation, renewal and cultural immersion to recharge. It seamlessly blends the best of traditional and contemporary approaches to offering exceptional guest experience, ensuring guests receive personalised attention, top quality and eco-friendly practices with utmost satisfaction. Moreover, it positions Qatar as a competitive and formidable wellness destination, emphasising its commitment to holistic well-being and sustainability.

Eligibility: Any Hotel, Resort, Independent and Standalone Spa and/or Wellness facility/establishment that has been operational in the last 12 months, is invited to participate.

1.5 Exceptional Resort Experience

This distinction honours resorts that excel in delivering exceptional accommodations, leisure amenities, dining experiences and overall guest satisfaction. It celebrates a resort that stands out by offering a luxurious and captivating stay marked by impeccable service, abundant amenities, distinct perks and innovative features. From luxurious accommodation and delectable cuisine to engaging activities and personalised service, this unique blend of relaxation and recreation with a personal touch makes them ideal destinations for leisurely relaxation and memorable experiences.

Eligibility: Any Qatar Tourism classified resort.

1.6 Exceptional Holiday Home Experience

This recognises the pinnacle of holiday home rental properties. Assessed on criteria such as amenities, location, cleanliness, and positive guest reviews. It epitomises the best of short-term rented place/accommodation to stay that makes guests' stay unforgettable. These homes offer a welcoming and homely atmosphere, complemented by a delightful ambience infused with local Qatari culture and modern conveniences. Each visit is made truly special and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on every guest.

Eligibility: Any Holiday Home Accommodation that is licenced, classified, certified and recognized by Qatar Tourism and has been in operation for a minimum of 12 months are invited to partake. 

1.7 Outstanding New Tourism Accommodation

This award celebrates a newly opened hotel that has quickly become a trendsetter, renowned for its exceptional service, design, and guest experience. It stands out with top-notch service and luxury amenities, setting new benchmarks of excellence. Prioritizing innovation and sustainability, the hotel excels in ambience, design, technology, customer service, and eco-conscious practices. These elements ensure each visit is memorable and aligns with Qatar’s vision for tourism development and promotion.

Eligibility: Any classified Tourism Accommodation, including 3-star to 5-star hotels, possessing a valid Qatar Tourism license that has been operational for a maximum of 15 months is invited to participate.

1.8 The "Heart of Hospitality" award

Recognises front-line workers who consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate unwavering commitment to their profession and career. These individuals go the extra mile to make guests feel special and welcome. They are professionals who set themselves apart from the competition by ensuring guests enjoy authentic and welcoming experiences.  

Eligibility: Any full-time Frontline worker officially employed in the tourism and hospitality sector with a minimum 12-month compelling track record. Nomination must be submitted by the individual's immediate supervisor, manager, senior managers or other superiors at work.

1.9 Tour Guide of the Year

This accolade is awarded to a tour guide who exemplifies the highest professional standards and excellence in delivering captivating, engaging, and memorable experiences for tourists. This guide possesses an exceptional depth of knowledge about Qatar, enriching each tour with fascinating insights and anecdotes. Furthermore, the guide excels at ensuring every tour is personalized and enjoyable, leaving guests with a positive and lasting impression of Qatar.

Eligibility: Any full-time Tour Guide who has worked with locally-based DMCS and Hotels in the last ten months. This person should be nominated by a locally-based DMC and/or hotel.

1.10 Leading Destination Management Company

This is given to the locally-based DMC that excels in providing comprehensive destination management services, and its contemporaries revered its work. It offers exclusive and bespoke tour planning, logistics management and customer support services. This locally-based DMC excels in offering outstanding end-to-end personalised trips for individuals, businesses and groups visiting Qatar, highlighting local must-experience cultural heritage and attractions. It meticulously handles travel plans, logistics, leisure and business activities, and tours, ensuring tourists have a wonderful and immersive experience exploring Qatar.

Eligibility: Any locally based DMC that is operational for not less than 10 months per annum.

Gastronomic Experiences

This award celebrates the pinnacle of gastronomy, recognizing venues that transform dining into an art form, crafting unforgettable culinary journeys. It recognises venues that set high-quality standards for dining and innovative culinary concepts and promotes Qatar as a premier gastronomic destination. From exquisite fine dining to inventive culinary creations, these establishments captivate diners with their dedication to quality and creativity, shaping Qatar's culinary landscape with their exceptional contributions.

2.1 Outstanding Fine Dining Experience

The Outstanding Fine Dining Experience award recognizes restaurants offering extraordinary fine dining experiences, setting standards on an internationally recognized level. This accolade encompasses excellence in cuisine, impeccable service, inviting ambience, and overall dining satisfaction. The restaurant excels in presenting exceptional dishes crafted from the finest ingredients, set within a delightful atmosphere. Critical elements include service excellence, great ambience and an overall delightful dining experience. Such restaurants deliver unforgettable dining moments that exceed expectations.

Eligibility: Hotels, Resorts or Standalone Fine Dining Restaurants operational for 12 months or more are invited to participate. 

2.2 Exceptional Casual Dining Experience

This award is given to a restaurant that offers outstanding casual dining options. The ambience of this restaurant encapsulates a relaxed atmosphere, diverse menu, and excellent value for money with cosy vibes and mouth-watering meals. Beyond conventional offerings, these establishments distinguish themselves with remarkable food, ambience, menu presentations, and customer service, providing a perfect dining experience any day of the week.

Eligibility: Hotel, Resort or Standalone Casual Restaurant that has been in operation for 12 months or more. 

2.3 Premier Quick Service Experience

The Premier Quick Service Experience award honours a Qatari homegrown dining establishment that delivers fast and efficient service while maintaining high-quality food and exceptional customer satisfaction. This accolade recognizes quick-service restaurants that excel in efficiency, use high-standard ingredients, and offer speed and agility. With varied menus and a commitment to warmth and hospitality, these establishments add variety to the local food scene and position themselves in a league of their own among premier quick-service restaurants.

Eligibility: Hotels, Resorts or Standalone Homegrown Quick Service Restaurants operational a minimum of 12 months are invited to participate.

2.4 Noteworthy Cafe Experience

The Noteworthy Cafe Experience Award recognizes a homegrown cafe that offers the best combination of quality coffee, ambience, food offerings, and customer service. The cafe not only serves an exotic coffee collection and delicious snacks but also makes every visit a welcoming and memorable experience. It provides communal spaces for socializing as well as cosy areas for friends and family to catch up in a friendly setting. This accolade honors cafes that excel in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere while delivering outstanding products and service.

Eligibility: Hotel, Resort or Standalone Café that has been operational for 12 months or more.

2.5 Outstanding Authentic Qatari Dining Experience

The Outstanding Authentic Qatari Dining Experience award is given to a restaurant that best represents Qatari cuisine and cultural preservation. This accolade celebrates a restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience to both locals and visitors, demonstrating a commitment to keeping Qatari traditions alive through its food, decor, and overall ambience. The restaurant excels in providing a complete Qatari dining experience that reflects the warmth and rich culture of Qatar.

Eligibility: Hotels, Resorts, or Standalone Restaurants offering Authentic Qatari Dining Experience, operational since 12 months or more.

2.6 Outstanding New Restaurant

This award recognises a newly opened restaurant that has quickly gained popularity and become a game-changer. Since opening, this establishment has consistently demonstrated culinary prowess and innovation that distinctively presents its gastronomy and cuisine in a perfect setting. These trendsetting restaurants prioritize personalized customer service, leverage smart technology, and place food and beverage quality at the forefront of the dining experience, inspiring stakeholders and setting new industry standards.

Eligibility: Hotels, Resorts, or Standalone Restaurants offering Authentic Qatari Dining Experience, operational for a maximum of 12 months.

Iconic attractions and activities

The category celebrates Qatar's most captivating and essential tourist destinations, activities and experiences. This category recognises outstanding attractions that define Qatar's unique allure. It is a celebration of historical, cultural, and contemporary treasures. From ancient heritage sites to vibrant cultural experiences and modern marvels, these iconic attractions serve as must-visits for local and international travellers. Whether exploring museums that bring Qatar's rich history to life, discovering historic landmarks, or immersing oneself in adventurous cultural activities, this attraction offers visitors the opportunity to delve deep into the heart of Qatar's culture, heritage, and traditions. Join us in honouring these extraordinary destinations that contribute to Qatar's vibrant tourism landscape and leave an indelible mark on all who visit.

3.1 Outstanding Cultural Tourism Experience

This award is given to an attraction or activity that offers the most enriching and authentic cultural experience, showcasing Qatar's heritage and traditions. This includes history and cultural heritage attractions that are iconic to Qatar. These allow tourists to dive into the local culture, history, heritage, and experiences in the form of museums, historic sites, adventure, and cultural activities and bring Qatar's history and traditions to life.

Eligibility: Any Cultural Tourism Experience establishment or attraction that has been in operation for a minimum of 12 months.

3.2 Unforgettable Adventure Tourism Experience

The award celebrates the pulse-pounding attractions that define Qatar's unique allure, offering an exciting fusion of adrenaline, exploration and cultural discovery, from heart-pounding outdoor adventures to immersive cultural encounters and cutting-edge modern marvels. Whether scaling rugged desert dunes, diving into azure waters or delving into the mysteries of ancient landscapes, visitors are invited to push boundaries, embrace excitement, and forge lasting memories. The experience presents an opportunity for visitors to embark on an exhilarating journey through Qatar's most thrilling and unforgettable adventure tourism experiences. Join us in honouring these extraordinary adventures contributing to Qatar's dynamic tourism landscape, leaving an enduring imprint on all who dare to seek them out.

Eligibility: Adventure Tourism Experience facility, establishments or operators that have been operational for 12 months or more. 

3.3 Leading Local Retail Brand

The category celebrates Qatari retail brands that stand as beacons of excellence in promoting Qatar's culture, heritage and innovation. It honours homegrown retail brands that have made significant strides in offering exceptional products and shopping experiences unique to Qatar. From showcasing local craftsmanship and fashion to championing innovation and quality, these brands play a pivotal role in shaping Qatar's identity as a premier destination for shopping tourism. Moreover, these are esteemed for their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch customer service, ensuring every shopping experience is memorable for locals and visitors alike. Join us in celebrating these distinguished brands that contribute to Qatar's retail landscape and elevate its global reputation as a hub of creativity, authenticity and excellence.

Eligibility: Any “Homegrown” retail brand that has been operational for a period of 12 months or more.

3.4 Premier Shopping Mall Experience

The award is dedicated to shopping malls that embody excellence in retail, dining and entertainment. The category celebrates malls that transcend mere shopping by offering a comprehensive and immersive Qatar experience, from an eclectic array of dining options to captivating entertainment venues and cultural attractions. It recognises malls that have successfully curated a holistic destination for locals and international tourists. With its blend of luxury, diversity and novelty, these malls make a must-visit destination. Renowned for its stunning design, expansive range of shops and vibrant atmosphere, it captivates visitors with an unparalleled shopping and leisure experience.

Eligibility: Any Shopping Mall that has been in operation for 12 months or more.

3.5 Premier Theme Park Experience

This award appreciates theme parks offering the most thrilling rides, immersive attractions and overall enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. Such parks make every visit memorable with an all-around entertainment experience committed to high-quality standards, safety, cleanliness and guest satisfaction. It plays a significant role in positioning Qatar as a popular family and group travel destination.

Eligibility: Theme Parks that are operational, including those placed within hotel establishments are invited to participate.

3.6 Iconic Local Attraction

This award is a tribute to the quintessential destination highlights that capture the essence of Qatar's cultural, historical, and natural wonders. The award honours attractions as the beacon of the destination's identity, drawing visitors from far and wide and enriching their experiences with immersive glimpses into Qatari culture and history. Whether showcasing architectural marvels, rich heritage sites, or breathtaking natural landscapes, this attraction plays a pivotal role in shaping Qatar's tourism appeal, allowing visitors to explore, learn and engage with the country's unique heritage. It enhances Qatar's allure as a must-visit destination. Join us in celebrating the iconic attraction that not only showcases the beauty and diversity of Qatar but also leaves an indelible impression on all who have the privilege to experience it.

Eligibility: Any local attraction that has been operational for a minimum of 12 months.

World Class Events

This recognises small, medium and major events that have a significant impact on tourism and elevate Qatar’s profile on the global stage. This entails international sports events, cultural festivals, or business conferences that attract visitors worldwide and showcase Qatar’s capacity to host large-scale events.

4.1 Top MICE Event of the year

The award recognizes a Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) events that demonstrated exceptional planning, organization and destination marketing. The event significantly impacted Qatar's tourism industry by attracting international visitors and positioning Qatar as a distinguished MICE destination. It fostered innovative ideas, created networking and business opportunities and reinforced Qatar's status as a premier global location for MICE events.

Eligibility: Any MICE Event that has been hosted post Qatar Tourism Awards Ceremony 2023.

4.2 Leading Event Celebrating Local Culture

This recognises events that best celebrates and promotes the Qatari culture, traditions and heritage of the destination, enhancing cultural exchange and attracting visitors from the world over. It is all about celebrating events that spotlight the rich Qatari culture and go above and beyond to showcase the nation's amazing heritage, arts, and traditions. It ought to be an event that not only entertained participants but also left them enlightened about Qatar’s cultural richness and identity – its’ depth and beauty.

Eligibility: Events inspired by and anchored on the local culture, that took place after the Qatar Tourism Awards Ceremony 2023.

4.3 Premier Sport Event of The Year

The award recognizes an event that captivated participants and spectators alike, while also promoting the destination and fostering community development. By attracting a diverse array of local and international attendees, this event energized the local economy and left a lasting legacy on the host community. With flawless organization and seamless execution, it set a high standard for excellence in sports event management, ensuring unforgettable moments for every participant and spectator. Join us in celebrating the premier sports event that showcased top-notch athleticism leaving an indelible mark on the global sports scene and the hearts of all who participated and witnessed its magic.

Eligibility: Any sports event that has been hosted post the Qatar Tourism Awards 2023.

4.4 Outstanding Multi-purpose MICE & Events Venue

This award is bestowed upon the foremost multipurpose venue that exemplifies Qatar’s ability to hold iconic events of various magnitudes simultaneously. This ranges from small meetings, seminars, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs and indoor sports to mega social events. The venue is to have the capabilities to deliver a seamless experience for its visitors.

Eligibility: Any event space and setting that can be considered as a multipurpose venue including stadiums are welcome to partake.

Digital Footprint

The category recognizes those who effectively use digital tools and platforms to enhance the visibility and reputation of Qatar’s tourism sector. This could involve innovative digital marketing strategies, the development of tourism apps or impactful social media campaigns.

5.1 Outstanding Destination Campaign

This award appreciates outstanding destination marketing campaigns that demonstrates creativity, effectiveness and impact in promoting Qatar as a unique tourist destination to domestic and international travellers. Such campaigns stand out in promoting Qatar as a “must-visit” destination by determining tourists. These campaigns grab the attention of target audience worldwide and get them excited to discover Qatar. 

Eligibility: Public and private sector entities in Qatar

5.2 "Capture Qatar"

This award celebrates the best digital photography and snapshots of Qatar taken by individuals and entities that show Qatar's incredible landscapes, culture and buzzing city vibes through creative content generation and creation. It recognises talented individuals, teams or entities who captured the heart and soul of Qatar in their work with stunning photographs showcasing Qatar's beauty and inspires people worldwide to come check out its rich heritage and cool attractions.

Eligibility: Pictures taken by any individual or an entity excluding Qatar Tourism employees.

5.3 Tourism Influencer (Content Creator) of the Year:

The award recognises someone who has significantly contributed to promoting Qatar as a world-class destination through social media platforms. These influencers use their online presence and creativity to highlight Qatar’s vibrant culture, exciting attractions and adventures. 

Eligibility: Any content creator with a record of creating and posting content about the destination for a minimum of a year.

Smart and sustainable tourism

This award category recognises visionary initiatives that revolutionize Qatar’s tourism landscape with innovative and environmentally conscious practices. It celebrates the pioneering ideas and strategies that elevate the tourism experience in Qatar while promoting sustainability and competitiveness. By spotlighting individuals, organizations, or groups that embrace sustainable tourism principles - this award amplifies Qatar’s global presence as a leader in sustainable tourism.

6.1 Tourism Innovation Award

The award recognizes an innovative project, technology or initiative that has significantly enhanced Qatar’s tourism experience, boosting the sustainability and competitiveness of the nation's tourism industry. This award celebrates game-changing ideas that amplify tourism's contribution to Qatar’s broader innovation ecosystem, enrich visitor experiences, and promote eco-friendly values and practices. It honours those who have made a lasting impact on the tourism landscape through creativity and forward-thinking solutions.

Eligibility: Any tourism establishment, tourism media, main mainstream media and all other private and public entities. This however excludes all Qatar Tourism employees.

6.2 Accessibility Initiative of the Year

The award honours an initiative or organization that has made significant strides in improving accessibility for tourists with special needs, enhancing their travel experiences in Qatar, recognizing exceptional efforts that go above and beyond to make tourism in Qatar universally accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Eligibility: Any touristic entity that maintains an accessibility initiative.

6.3 Leading Sustainable Attraction

The award honours a destination that exemplifies dedication to sustainability, eco-friendly practices and environmental conservation. It recognizes an attraction that leads in adopting and promoting eco-conscious initiatives, from reducing carbon footprint to minimizing waste and preserving natural resources. By prioritizing environmental stewardship and embracing innovative solutions, this attraction sets the standard for sustainable practices, enhances the visitor experience and safeguards the planet for future generations. Join us in celebrating an attraction that embodies responsible tourism and serves as a shining example of sustainability in action.

Eligibility: Any touristic attraction that maintains sustainability standards.

6.4 Leading Eco-Friendly Accommodation

This celebrates the tourism accommodation establishment that demonstrates outstanding commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly practices and environmental conservation efforts backed by credible credentials.  Such establishments lead the way and excel in eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their operations and dealings are as green as can be, while promoting local community and global eco-consciousness.

Eligibility: Any hospitality establishment that maintains high eco-friendly standards.

Community Leadership

The prestigious Community Leadership Award category is a tribute to extraordinary individuals who inspire and catalyse positive change within the Qatar tourism landscape. It celebrates the visionary leadership of community members who exemplify unwavering commitment, dedication, and innovation in driving Qatar's tourism sector's sustainable development and growth. These leaders play pivotal roles in mobilising and empowering their communities to champion the values of inclusivity, collaboration, and sustainability. Through their visionary actions and thought leadership, they inspire others, leaving a legacy of progress and prosperity for generations to come. Join us in honouring the exemplary community leaders who stand at the forefront of shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for Qatar's tourism industry.

7.1 Tourism Personality of the Year

This award pays tribute to remarkable individuals whose visionary leadership, innovation and unwavering dedication have propelled Qatar's tourism industry to new heights. It celebrates game-changers who have left an indelible mark on the Qatar tourism scene over the past 12 months. They have made exceptional contributions that have ignited progress and success across the sector. Their dynamic leadership and pioneering initiatives have reshaped the tourism landscape, inspiring others to strive for excellence. From fostering innovation to driving sustainable practices, these individuals have played a pivotal role in ensuring Qatar's tourism industry's continued success. Join us in honouring the outstanding achievements of the Tourism Personality of the Year, whose influence and impact resonate throughout the entire tourism community, shaping a brighter future for Qatar's tourism sector.

Eligibility: Any individual with significant contribution to the tourism industry in the past 12 months.

7.2 Emerging Leader in Tourism (Future Leader in Tourism)

The award recognizes a young professional under the age of 35, who has demonstrated exceptional talent, leadership and significant contributions to Qatar's tourism industry. This individual embodies high standards, visionary leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, driving excellence and creating economic value in the sector.

Eligibility: Any individual with significant contribution to the tourism industry and is below 35 years of age.

  • All entries/nominations should meet Qatar Tourism Awards’ criteria and strictly adhere to Qatar Tourism policies, regulatory framework and national and global best practices.
  • All supporting materials, information and portfolio of evidence provided must be truthful.
  • Supporting materials must complement the answers in the form.
  • All entries/nominations should adhere to the Qatar Tourism Awards’ requirements of the main category and sub-category criteria as provided for in the Awards Guidebook.
  • Each award has five questions, and your answers to each question must be at most 100 words per question, and each question in each category must be answered.
  • Wherever it applies, the nominee must possess an active license.
  • Answers must be supported with relevant and credible evidence recognised and accepted by Qatar Tourism. These may include Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) Trust Certification, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Tourism TedQual  Certification System,  Olery Travel Experience Score (TES), Trip Advisor Reviews,  Smith Travel Research (STR), Global Sustainable Tourism Council(GSTC),  International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards, U.S. Green Building Council in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) etc. and any other internationally recognised certification and recognition accepted by Qatar Tourism.
  • Other in-house Portfolios of Evidence (POE) may be submitted electronically, such as testimonials, exceptional guest reviews, commendation letters, videos, photos, marketing materials, and any relevant materials.
  • All evidence portfolios should be submitted electronically by sharing the link with the entry submission.
  • The size of the POE or supporting materials for uploads should be easy to upload and download for verification.
  • The POE for reviews should be a reliable review mechanism or instrument based on Qatar Tourism policies, regulatory framework, and global best practices.

By entering the awards, the nominee grants Qatar Tourism the right to use, reproduce, distribute the submitted material and information with its partners and/or affiliates provided for the entry for marketing, promotion, and other purposes. The nominee agrees that Qatar Tourism is not liable for any misuse or misrepresentation of the provided material and information by third parties.

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