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Active millennials

An itinerary for young travellers (with an average age of 33) on the lookout for a fun-filled trip lined up with exciting activities. During their stay, they can try watersports, extreme desert sports and go on long walks to explore hidden gems. They also can experience wellness activities, such as yoga and pilates, in addition to new activities and experiences that they may not have been exposed to before. They will feel like they have challenged or "stretched" themselves wonderfully on this holiday.


  • Sample the traditional Qatari cuisine
  • Desert Falls Water & Adventure park 
  • Whale shark excursion
  • Skydiving/Hot air balloon ride
  • Duration

    7 days

  • Hotels

    4 - 5 star

  • Adventure

    Marine/air/land activities

Day 1

Wander like a local

Morning / afternoon

1. Stroll through the vibrant Souq Waqif for a taste of Qatar's traditional markets 

Start the tour by strolling through the vibrant Souq Waqif for a taste of Qatar's traditional markets. Built on the site of an ancient market, Souq Waqif is where travellers can hold a falcon in their hand or feel like Midas in the shimmering alleys of the gold souq. The alleys of Souq Waqif are bustling with living history and keepsakes. Katara Cultural Village, home to galleries, theatres and concert halls, is a guardian to the heritage and traditions of Qatar and a place to experience festivals, performances and exhibitions.

Al Souk district, Souk Waqif, the town and the minaret of the traditional style mosque.

2. Try the local cuisine in one of the various Souq eateries with indoor and outdoor dining options

For lunch, try the local cuisine in one of the various Souq eateries with indoor and outdoor dining options; Shay al Shamoos and Al Jasra Traditional Food are two compelling restaurants in Souq Waqif that are known to serve the best local dishes.

Active millenials
Afternoon / evening

3. Explore the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) and MIA Park

Head to the famous Museum of Islamic Art, an architectural wonder, encompassing 14 centuries of Islamic art and artefacts. The museum comprises of four floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions, a gift shop, a café and the haute cuisine restaurant IDAM by renowned chef Alain Ducasse, on the fifth floor. It is also home to a heritage library, with 21,000 books, including 2000 rare editions in Arabic and English. Wander, relax and enjoy your laid back MIA park tour.                     

Active millenials

4. Wander through Msheireb Downtown and Doha Design District

Continue your journey to the vibrant neighbourhood of Msheireb Downtown that revives Doha’s old commercial district and introduces a new architectural language. The Msheireb Museums by the Msheireb Properties make a compelling attraction to celebrate the history of Qatar through the heritage houses, entertainment venues and much more. Next, visit the Doha Design District, an initiative set to be Qatar’s newest hub for creativity and innovation, as part of the country’s national vision for 2030. Check out the district brimming with contemporary art galleries, showrooms, creative services, stores, as well as eateries.           

5. Dine in Msheireb's finest restaurants

Experience fine dining at one of many Michelin-starred restaurants in Msheireb. Relish exquisite dishes from renowned chefs who've mastered both local and international cuisines.        


6. Check out one of Doha's famous night clubs

The nightclubs in Doha offer a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. Pick a lounge, bar or nightclub of your choice and head out for the night.       

Dj mixing outdoor at new year party festival with crowd of people in background - Nightlife view of disco club outside - Soft focus on bracelet, hand - Fun ,youth,entertainment and fest concept
End of day 1

Recommended stay options

Day 2

Desert adventures

Morning / afternoon

1. Full-day trip to the Inland Sea/Khor Al Udaid

Drive down to the 'Inland Sea' or Khor Al Adaid, a UNESCO Heritage site, one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches into the desert. For an authentic desert experience, nothing beats a camel ride over the soft dunes before embarking on an exhilarating desert safari (accessible by 4x4 vehicles). You can also enjoy the thrills of sandboarding, desert cycling, quad biking and more. Lastly, enjoy a traditional meal in the Bedouin camp for a complete desert experience. 

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2. Dine at the resort or at one of Qatar's unique eateries

Return to your hotel for a sumptuous dinner or step out to one of Qatar's unique eateries - from upscale Michelin-starred restaurants to trendy food trucks.

Active millenials

3. Visit one of Doha's famous night clubs 

If you've still got the energy, head to one of Doha's famous clubs. The nightlife in Doha centres around the best hotels in the city, each of which can offer a different clubbing experience.                        

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End of day 2

Recommended stay options

Day 3

Doha on wheels

Morning / afternoon

1. Ride your bike from West Bay to Lusail

Hop on a public bicycle or electric scooter and travel from West Bay to Lusail. Stop at popular attractions like the 5/6 Park, the Katara Cultural Village and the Lusail Marina District and enjoy the picturesque views the city has to offer.                   

Active millenials
Morning / afternoon

2. Continue to The Pearl's Qanat Quartier

Continue cycling or hitch a ride to The Pearl's Qanat Quartier, a picturesque community that brings together the Venetian charm and the Arabian chic. Try a yoga class at Niya Yoga or try stand-up paddle (SUP) at the Blue Pearl.                            

Active millenials

3. Explore The Pearl further - Porto Arabia

Explore the Pearl further and visit Porto Arabia - the modern Mediterranean district with a plethora of great indoor and outdoor retail shopping options. You can also enjoy leisurely seaside strolls at Medina Centrale and indulge in some luxury and local boutiques and a wide variety of eateries.        

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End of day 3

Recommended stay options

Day 4

Discover Qatar's marine life

Morning / afternoon

1. Whale shark excursion (seasonal)

Start your day with an excursion to see the whale sharks of Qatar. Each year hundreds of whale sharks congregate in the Al Shaheen region off the northeast coast of Qatar. On this voyage, you will be among the first to see them in Qatari waters. While these magnificent creatures are the biggest fish in the ocean, they are also the most gentle and majestic creatures you will find underwater.       

Active millenials

Take kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a popular watersport in Qatar; many local tour operators and 5-star hotels with private beaches offer the experience. You can choose the location of your choice from Fuwairat, Zekreet, Simaisma and Wakra.               

Traditional fishing or pearl diving trip 

Experience Qatar's oldest profession - pearl diving or choose to spend your day on an exciting traditional fishing trip. 

Afternoon / evening

2. Kayaking trip at Al Thakira Mangroves

Travel to Al Thakira mangroves near the coastal city of Al Khor, offering incredible opportunities for kayaking and bird watching. Unspoilt sandy beaches dot the peninsula nation and offer a haven for everyone, from sun worshippers and skydivers to dune-bashers looking to relax after a hard day’s adventure in Qatar’s vast desert.         

Active millenials

4. Dine at the resort or at one of Qatar's unique eateries

Return to your hotel for a sumptuous dinner or step out to one of Qatar's other many unique eateries - from upscale Michelin-starred restaurants to trendy food truck parks.

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End of day 4

Recommended stay options

Day 5

Where nature meets art

Morning / afternoon

1. Half- or full-day trip exploring the Zekreet area

Begin the day with a half or a full-day tour of the Zekreet area: a village in north-western Qatar near Dukhan and about 80 km north-west west of Doha. It is home to Richard Serra's East-West/West-East installation. Comprising of four steel plates, each of which is over 14m in height, the installation spans over 1km. It stands in stark contrast to the soft brown hues of the desert surrounding it and offers a comment on isolation and the passage of time. Other highlights of your trip include visiting the Film City and the Arabian oryx sanctuary, the breeding farm of Qatar's national animal.   

Active millenials
Afternoon / evening

2. Visit the Fire Station Museum and Artists in Residence. Continue with a walk to the adjacent Al Bidda Park 

The Fire Station Gallery, built in 1982, had the last fire engine removed in December 2012 and then became an important part of the Qatar Museums network. Turned into a contemporary art space, the gallery showcases art and artists, engages the local community, and nurtures emerging talent through its artist in residence program. Next, visit Al Bidda Park that combines three distinct spaces, each of which offers panoramic views.                

3. Walk along the Corniche, and dine in a dhow boat  

Conclude the tour aboard a traditional wooden dhow boat, where, along with the serene corniche views, you will be treated with a dinner buffet to satiate your cravings after a long day of sightseeing. Enjoy a stroll along the Corniche as you take in the sights and sounds of the city.                       

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4. Explore Doha's famous restaurants and night clubs

Doha's nightlife scene has a lot to offer, from dining options and music venues to nightclubs at luxury 5-star hotels. Pick a night out venue of your choice and experience the vibrance of the club scene.                               

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End of day 5
Day 6

Water activities

Morning / afternoon

1. Desert Falls Adventure and Water Park at Salwa Beach Resort

Go on a full-day trip to the Salwa Beach Resort to experience adventure at the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park in the heart of the resort. With over 25 rides, slides and attractions such as the Whizzard Mat Racer, King Cobra, and Ship Kids Pool, this park is the ultimate fun destination.

Active millenials
Afternoon / evening

2. Dine at the Salwa Beach Resort or back at your resort

After a fun-filled and adventurous day enjoy an appetizing feast at the Salwa Beach hotel or a resort of your choice. 

Active millenials
End of day 6
Day 7

Experience Qatar by air

Morning / afternoon

1. Early morning hot air balloon trip

Start your day with a hot air balloon ride to witness the beautiful landscapes of Doha during sunrise. Experience the exciting sky adventure while enjoying a 360-degree panoramic and picturesque view of the city. 

Active millenials

Experience skydiving

Get ready to jump from the skies and feel the adrenaline. Skydiving is one of the most exquisite experiences one can have in Qatar. With world-class instructors and facilities, an experience of a lifetime is guaranteed.  

Silhouette Of Paragliders At Sunset
Afternoon / evening

2. Enjoy watersports, swimming and spa amenities

Return to your hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool or indulge in a spa session before you end your holiday. 

End of day 7