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Spotlight on local talent: Doha’s rising jewellery stars


The highly anticipated Qatari Designer Pavilion at this year’s Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) is set to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of 10 local Qatari designers. This exclusive showcase will unveil a curated collection of distinctive pieces that embody the essence of each designer's unique philosophy and influences. Established in 2017 at the 14th edition of DJWE, the Qatari Designer Pavillion brings together local talent on the global stage with top international jewellery and watches brands.


What started off as the ‘Young Qatari Designers’ initiative has served as a platform for local designers to elevate their businesses. These pieces have attracted the interest of visitors and media, both local and international. The designers were also provided with the opportunity to share their brands’ vision.

Al Ghla Jewellery

Al Ghla Jewellery was founded by Shaikha Al Ghanim in 2011, and uses 18 and 21-carat gold, diamond, freshwater pearls, and precious gemstones in its iconic jewellery pieces. Al Ghla Jewellery honours Qatar’s history of pearling in its jewellery collections, catering to local tastes. Some of their pieces have been displayed both locally and internationally, and have also been offered at auction to benefit the Education Above All initiative to raise funds for marginalised children’s education.  


Established in 2018 by Fatma Al-Mohannadi, DE TROVE specialises in gold and diamond jewellery for women and children, including hanging alphabets, with unique designs to satisfy different tastes. DE TROVE’s high quality gold pieces are embedded with diamonds and gemstones, inspired by elements of nature, and emphasise confidence, trust, and distinctiveness.

DW Jewelry

Founded and designed by AlDana Hamad Alhenzab, DW Jewelry crafts masterpieces to empower women through style and confidence, every day and on special occasions. DW Jewelry focuses on simple yet sophisticated designs, which reflect flowers, butterflies, and the iconic safety pin. Their pieces are made from gold (yellow, white, rose), diamonds, rubies, and pearls, to personify luxury and elegance.

Ghand Jewellery

Ghand Jewellery, founded by sisters Hissa and Jawaher Al Mannai, customises bespoke pieces. Drawing inspiration from culture and several local traditions, the white gold collection represents the pearl diving tradition of Qatar, with jewellery that resembles high waves and pearls, to honour the legacy of pearl divers and their courage. Other collections are inspired by Arab and Islamic art, architecture, and identity, made from 18-carat gold and diamonds. For the younger demographic, Ghand Jewellery also fuses diamonds with roses in some designs as a symbol of elegance. Additionally, their cufflink collection is adorned with exceptional jewels such as Black Onyx, Blue Lapis, Malachite, and Mother of Pearl.

H Jewellery

Hamad Al Mohammed created H Jewellery in 2012 after years of following his hobby of designing jewellery pieces for his family. H Jewellery features 18 and 21-carat fine gold in its distinctive pieces with designs that are inspired by both culture and contemporary architecture, incorporating symbols such as Islamic patterns. The brand has been featured at a wide range of local, regional, and international exhibitions, such as DJWE, The Hong Kong Jewellery Show 2019, and SEEGHA 2022. Hamad Al Mohammed has collaborated with several local artists for special collections, including Ali Hassan, Reem Al-Bahrani, Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed Al Thani, Shuaa Ali, and Bashayer Al-Badr.

Kaltham’s Pavilion

Established in 2018 by Kaltham Al Majid, Kaltham’s Pavilion offers incredible pieces of the finest quality. These pieces reflect professional and creative craftsmanship, often representing Qatari culture, values, and nature. Kaltham’s Pavilion pieces are predominantly made of diamonds, precious gemstones, and unique coloured Sapphires set in 18-carat gold. They also provide bespoke pieces alongside collections.

Midad Jewelry

Midad Jewelry was founded by Abdulla Yousef Al Fakhroo, and offers designs that embody Islamic art, calligraphy, and historic art. From a young age, Abdulla Al Fakhroo was interested in Arabic calligraphy, which he started to learn in 2000 under the tutelage of (late) Sa’id Al-Ansari. After experimenting with different scripts, he started using these in his jewellery designs, blending authenticity with modernity. Midad Jewelry also weaves Sadu designs with exclusive jewels such as Mother of Pearl.

Nouf Jewellery

Nouf Jewellery was established by Nouf Al-Meer, who developed a lifelong admiration of jewellery and its meaning. The brand offers a diverse collection of jewellery made from various materials, adorned with precious stones, to represent prestige, simplicity, and professionalism. Nouf Jewellery draws inspiration from nature and social interaction with people, and has an exclusive Qatar National Day collection, incorporating Qatar’s flag into its designs.

Thameen Jewellery

Founded by sisters Mariam and Noora Al Meadadi in 2018, Thameen Jewellery offers a range of jewellery, drawing inspiration from traditional Qatari designs, curated for modern wear. Thameen Jewellery designs pieces for women of different ages, catering to unique and precious tastes. They offer several magnificent collections which represent Arab culture, Islamic art, and the ‘Taj’ from South Asian history, as well as a children’s collection and men’s cufflinks collection.


Founded by Fajr Attia in 2015, Trifoglio creates luxury jewellery and leather handbags. Fajr Attia has extensively studied jewellery design and craftsmanship, specialising in metals, sanding, and polishing. Trifoglio’s designs are well-recognised for their simplicity and modernity, drawing inspiration from nature and Qatari heritage. The brand offers distinctive designs featuring the four-leaf clover petals, adorned with pearls, precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, garnet, and blue sapphires, as well as diamonds. They also use roses in their collection to represent femininity and have displayed their collections at DJWE and The Hong Kong Jewellery Show in 2019.

Independent Qatari Jewellers:

Hessa Jewels

Hessa Jewels, founded by Sameera Hamed Al-Mulla in 2017, was formerly part of the Qatari Designers Pavilion, but is now an independent exhibitor at DJWE, owing to its popularity and success in the local jewellery market. Sameera Al-Mulla started designing jewellery as a gift for her mother, who was named ‘Hessa’, meaning pearl. Hessa Jewels’ pieces personify Qatari heritage through both classic and contemporary designs, with some of the most popular being ‘Kohl’, ‘Mashmom’, ‘the Palm’, and ‘Al Battola’, featuring diamonds and gemstones. The brand has featured at DJWE and Qatar National Museum.  

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