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‘Double the Discovery’ campaign launched between Qatar Tourism, Saudi Tourism Authority & Discover Saudi


A new campaign offers carefully curated packages to spotlight both Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s touristic landscapes.


Qatar Tourism, the Saudi Tourism Authority and KSA’s leading DMC Discover Saudi (part of Almosafer) have joined forces to launch the exciting new campaign, 'Double the Discovery'. This was announced during their participation at ITB Berlin Convention sought to promote tourism in both neighbouring GCC countries, offering international visitors in both countries the chance to explore the rich cultural and historical wonders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in a single trip.

With carefully curated travel packages, 'Double the Discovery' opens up a world of possibilities for travellers’, providing unique and immersive experiences that showcase the diverse landscapes, architectural marvels, and vibrant traditions of both countries.

The award-winning national carrier, Qatar Airways, will serve as the official airline partner of the campaign. Visit Qatar and Visit Saudi will identify the main markets for launching and promoting travel packages through tour operators in each market. Discover Qatar and Discover Saudi are the local DMC partners in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, H.E Mr. Saad Bin Ali Al Kharji, Chairman of Qatar Tourism said: "Launching the new campaign aims to enhance collaboration among GCC destinations, offering global visitors a rich cultural experience. The goal is to showcase the unique qualities of Arab and GCC culture and increase visitor numbers in alignment with Qatar and Saudi Arabia's strategic goals."

His Excellency added: " The significant growth in tourist numbers in 2023 and hosting 4 million visitors last year demonstrates Qatar's exceptional tourism offerings across cultural, sports, and recreational activities, as well as top-notch services in transportation, travel, and hospitality sectors."

Commenting on their participation, Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO and a Member of the Board, Saudi Tourism Authority, said:” Saudi is experiencing phenomenal growth, welcoming more than 20 million inbound visitors in the first three quarters of 2023 compared to 16 million in all of 2022. As the entertainment hub of the middle east, we have a dynamic offer for visitors with an ever-growing calendar of sports, music and cultural events to experience.  Partnering in this campaign will make it even easier for visitors to experience more of the culture and heritage that the region has to offer in addition to enjoying the modern and vibrant cities we have to explore.”    

Muzzammil Ahussain, CEO of Almosafer added: “We are pleased to partner with Qatar Tourism and the Saudi Tourism Authority through our DMC Discover Saudi, to enhance experiences for visitors coming to the GCC. This initiative will not only drive tourism into the Kingdom, in line with national tourism agenda of Saudi Arabia, but also give travellers the opportunity to explore these two exciting destinations in one visit, whilst experiencing best-in-class services.”

As part of the campaign, extensive city guides will be provided to tourists, offering relevant and detailed information about the top attractions, things to do, shopping venues, and restaurants in both Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These guides aim to assist travellers’ in making the most of their visit and experiencing the best each city has to offer.

In addition to city guides, the joint travel packages offered as part of the campaign will include airline tickets, accommodation, and transportation, catering to different purposes and lengths of stay.

Discover Qatar offers 'Stopover' packages that cater to different preferences, including access to various kinds of hotels and beach facilities. These packages are available in three categories: standard, premium, and luxury, ensuring that travellers’ can find the perfect accommodation option that suits their style and budget.

Steven Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Discover Qatar, said: “Discover Qatar is delighted to be part of this initiative together with Qatar Tourism and Saudi Tourism Authority. ‘Double the Discovery’ offers travellers a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural and historical wonders of both countries in a single trip. Simplifying the process for international customers, this one-of-a-kind campaign puts together all the components of an ideal trip into curated packages to discover diverse landscapes, architectural marvels, vibrant traditions and truly immersive experiences.”

Discover Saudi will offer a variety of enticing packages, such as '2 nights Jeddah, 2 nights Makkah, 2 nights Madinah' and '2 nights Jeddah and 3 nights AlUla'. These packages allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia, with convenient arrangements for accommodation and transportation.

Enhancing tourism prospects for families and adventurous travellers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the latest campaign in both countries aims to provide a wide range of tourism opportunities for families, as well as adventurous solo or group travellers. This collaborative effort focuses on offering diverse experiences, including shopping, cultural exploration, educational activities, coastal attractions, and state-of-the-art relaxation options.

Artistic hub

Doha features several art galleries and museums, one of the most prominent being the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). MIA is home to one of the world’s greatest collections of Islamic art, with exclusive metalwork, ceramics, jewellery, woodwork, textiles, coins, and glass. MIA also hosts several exhibitions by renowned local and international artists throughout the year. With Jeddah being home to the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘Al Balad’, the Jeddah Wall, and preserved ancient houses-turned cafés and galleries, the city has lots to offer for art and history enthusiasts. The city also boasts luxurious shopping facilities and international restaurants for those who prefer a more urban experience.

Shopping paradises

Doha is home to all kinds of malls and shopping facilities, ranging from the classic Villaggio Mall to the newest, Parisian-inspired Place Vendôme. Riyadh, Saudi Arabi’s capital city, offers retail of the world’s biggest brands and businesses in its malls and markets. Alongside shopping, visitors can also enjoy some of the finest restaurants and cafés, which have both global flavours and authentic Saudi cuisine.

Coastal relaxation

A peninsula, Qatar is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf’s crystal blue seas. With a multitude of golden, sandy beach resorts, including some which are ladies-only, Qatar offers world-class hospitality through beach access, spas, and water activities. 

Back in time

In Qatar, visitors are welcome to explore Ras Abrouq, a site which fuses together natural beauty of the desert with novel hotels and restaurants. Visitors can immerse themselves in historic tourism in the labyrinth of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, a fertile oasis which served as an incense trading route for thousands of years in the country’s history. Saudi Arabia is home to Hegra’s 111 preserved tombs, the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, dating back to the first millennium BC. In addition, visitors can watch sunsets at the geological sandstone wonder, Elephant Rock.

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