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Service Excellence

The Service Excellence program launched by Qatar Tourism builds on our tourism strategy, working to enhance the experience at every touchpoint along the visitor journey.


Establish Qatar as a global leader for high-quality hospitality services.


Create an unparalleled world-leading experience for visitors.

Key objectives

Increase satisfaction with Qatar as a destination

Increase satisfaction levels across individual touchpoints

Service Excellence initiatives for 2021

  • Continue to roll out Qatar Clean to cover 8 additional tourism sub-sectors.

  • Train 25K+ drivers, issue new limousine company regulations and launch Qatar's iconic taxi.

  • Develop training to certify over 40K+ frontline tourism workers.

  • Launch a new tour guide training program and activate new sourcing models.

  • Train & certify airport frontline workers and immigration & customs officers.

  • Provide touristic information across critical tourist touchpoints.

  • Launch new licensing standards for tour, adventure and wellness operators.

  • Enhance authentic experiences at cultural heritage sites and identify hidden gems.

Service Excellence

Qatar Clean