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Holiday Homes

Are you a home or villa owner with a spare property looking for extra income? Rent it now to travellers from all over the world on one of the various platforms that offer holiday rentals.


Apply online

Qatar Tourism has upgraded its system to facilitate the new license applications for owners and authorized tenants who can now apply for a Holiday Homes license through the e-Services portal. 

Issue Tourism License for Holiday Homes

This service describes the procedures required to issue a tourism license for a holiday home unit.

The applicant will get in the same service a classification for the unit as per categories below:

  • Apartment
  • Villa

The Tourism License is valid for 5 years.

For a better user experience, utilize a desktop web browser to apply for this service.

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicant's QID card must be valid at the time of application.
  • Before applying to this service, the applicant must have filled the self-assessment Classification checklist.
  • In case the applicant is a non-authorized tenant (does not have legal status to use the unit), applicant must fill the no objection letter (Authorization letter) signed by the unit’s owner.
  • Copy of QID card
  • Application form
  • Copy of Lease Contract or Property Deed
  • Classification checklist (Self-Assessment)
  • Authorization letter
  • Unit’s photos (Bedroom, Living room with TV, Dining Room, Bathroom with accessories,    Kitchen-microwave-oven-accessories, First Aid kit, Safe box, Fire extinguishers)
  • No fee for this service.

Download manuals

A self-assessment form is required to be completed and submitted with the License Issuance application.


Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes Self-Assessment Checklist-EN

Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes Self-Assessment Checklist-AR

The new licensing process guarantees that international best practices are adopted by home owners, offering transparency, safety and consistency to the sector as well as peace of mind to visitors seeking to explore Qatar and experience the country's unparalleled hospitality.

The below manual presents the structure and criteria of Holiday Homes classification system for the State of Qatar. This system plays a central role in the continued drive of establishing Qatar as a leading destination in terms of quality and hospitality. 

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