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Beach expert training

Whether you're a travel expert, a hospitality professional, or simply someone who loves exploring new destinations, this training is perfect for you. Gain valuable insights into Qatar's stunning beaches and become a beach expert. Start your journey today and uncover the hidden gems of Qatar's coastline!​

Key information about the training

For more information or support, please contact us at the below email addresses: ​

  1. Qatar Host –

  2. Tour Guide –

  3. Qatar Specialist –

Frequently asked questions

Qatar Hosts and Tour Guides will receive certificates as part of their essential learning while Qatar Specialists will receive a badge as part of their optional learning solutions. ​


Log into your respective learning platform to find the Beach Expert course assigned to you in the 'Learn' page: ​

  1. Qatar Host  - Learn | Qatar Host
  2. Tour Guide - Learn | Qatar Tour Guide
  3. ​Qatar Specialist - Learn | Qatar Specialist Programme

The training is available in English and Arabic, we will explore expanding to more languages based on demand in the next phase. ​

The main Qatar Specialist, Qatar Host, and Tour Guide training programmes will be regularly updated and more continuous learning courses will be developed to cover additional experiences. We aim to keep the continuous learning courses limited to approximately 30 minutes to meet the learning capacity of our different audiences. ​


You must register to either the Qatar Specialist, Qatar Host, or Tour Guide training programmes first to access the Beach Expert training. The Beach Expert course is available as part of the continuous learning offerings within these main programmes. ​