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Go the extra mile to provide exceptional experiences for the guests of Qatar

Qatar Host

Service Excellence Academy

Qatar Host Programme

Take advantage of a world-class learning experience with our new Qatar Host training programme. 

If you are one of the many frontline service professionals in the country who directly or indirectly interact with the visitors of Qatar, this programme is for you.

In this engaging foundational programme, you will learn how to deliver Service Excellence to visitors and improve your knowledge of Qatar’s tourism offering.

The programme is highly recommended to service providers including

  • Public transport staff

  • Hoteliers

  • Hospitality personnel

  • Customer service professionals

Qatar Host
Qatar Host

The inspiring course content & user-friendly learning technology creates an intuitive learning experience for all. If you've already registered for the programme and would like to continue learning proceed here. 

How to become a Qatar Host?

  • Step 1: Register online

  • Step 2: Learn through interactive courses offered

  • Step 3: Complete the courses & receive certification

The Arabic version of the programme will be available soon!

Need help? For queries related to the Lobster Ink learning platform, click here to contact support.