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Become a certified Qatar Specialist


Qatar Specialist Programme

Upskill in Qatar with the all new Qatar Specialist programme and glue in visitors from across the world.

The Qatar Specialist Programme is a world-class training programme that uses the latest technologies in digital learning and gamification. The advanced methodologies spruce up the program and provide support in learning about the diverse experiences that Qatar has to offer and guarantees the expertise required to be a  certified "specialist".

We've developed a wide range of fun and engaging content that will support you to sell and promote Qatar. We've also put together a range of downloadable content to make your job easier. 

Why become a Qatar Specialist

  • Increase sales

    Convert more travel enquiries to sales

  • Learn on the go

    Access course content whenever & wherever

  • Zero cost

    Free professional development opportunity

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Exceed client's expectations by specializing in Qatar

Qatar Specialist Programme
Qatar Specialist Programme

This destination training programme comprises of several modules, each focusing on a particular aspect of Qatar’s tourism offering. Conducted entirely online, the programme allows participants flexibility, letting them complete each module at their own pace. 

How to become a Qatar specialist?

  • Step 1: Register online

  • Step 2: Receive personalised content to your type of business

  • Step 3: Complete the 7 core courses & receive your qualification immediately

  • Step 4: Get access other related content and regular updates

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