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Qatar Tourism Awards

About Qatar Tourism Awards

Qatar Tourism and the United Nations Tourism (UN Tourism) aim to use the Qatar Tourism Awards to further heighten the service delivery standards of the country’s tourism sector. The program emphasises the importance of offering visitors memorable and unique experiences and delivering service that exceeds their expectations.

Special consideration will be given to entries that show a commitment to preserving the natural environment, educating the world about local culture and traditions, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Qatar. Entrants are also encouraged to ensure broad access to products and services to all visitors, regardless of gender, age, nationality, language or disability.


There is an award category for your achievements

There are three main awards categories candidates can submit an entry to. Each category includes multiple subcategories that are over 50 different awards.

Service Excellence

These awards celebrate both organisations and individuals whose professionalism and quality service delivery created overwhelmingly positive and memorable experiences for Qatar’s visitors. For organisations, there are more than 33 Service Excellence awards up for grabs across 14 subcategories. For individuals, there are up to seven awards available across three subcategories.

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Cultural Experiences

The cultural awards recognise organisations that support visitors’ experience of Qatar’s values, traditions, and heritage. In this category, judges review entries that showcase Qatar’s modern, multicultural society. There are about eight Cultural Experiences awards up for grabs across three subcategories.

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Smart Solutions

These awards honour organisations that enhance visitors’ experiences using new technologies, products, processes, or organisational innovations. In this category, judges review entries for excellence in digital information and marketing, visitor mobility and accessibility, environmental conditions, and improvement of the overall visitor experience. In this category, there are up to six Smart Solution awards across three subcategories are up for grabs.

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Qatar Tourism Awards calendar


Entries open for all categories

The countdown ends, and entries open for submissions from individuals and organisations.


Entries close for all categories

Submissions cannot be made on entry closure. Standout candidates will then get into the selection for the shortlist.


Shortlisted entries are handed over to judges

The shortlisted entries are handed to a panel of judges to make their final selection of winners.


Winners will be announced at the Qatar Tourism Awards ceremony

Shortlisted candidates and top officials from Qatar’s tourism sector get together to honour the winners at a special event. 

How the jury will choose the winners

An esteemed jury of prominent businesspeople, along with representatives from Qatar Tourism and the United Nations Tourism (UN Tourism), will choose the winners.

About Qatar Tourism Awards


Phase one: Qatar Tourism will review applications and conduct interviews (if necessary) to shortlist finalists.

Phase two: A shortlist of applicants will be forwarded to judges to select the winners.


About Qatar Tourism Awards

Experience design, implementation and impact: How unique and memorable was the experience? How was it conceived, developed and promoted? What results did it achieve?

Commitment to the key values: How committed is the candidate to experience orientation, service excellence, accessibility, and sustainability?

Enhanced visitor journey: How was the visitors’ end-to-end journey enhanced? How did the candidate improve efficiencies and ease of access? How did the candidate facilitate learning experiences, cultural connections, inspiration, and personal transformation?

About Qatar Tourism Awards

Judges are looking for candidates that are committed to the four key values of the Qatar Tourism Awards:

  • Experience orientation: An emphasis and focus on offering memorable, unique experiences to visitors.
  • Service excellence: An organisational commitment to delivering service that consistently meets and exceeds visitors' expectations.
  • Sustainability: Having policies, initiatives, or projects that help to preserve the natural environment, perpetuate local culture and traditions and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Qatar.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring broad access to products and services to all, regardless of physical limitations, disabilities, gender, age, nationality or language. This also extends to the physical environment, transportation, information and communication, and other facilities and services.

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About Qatar Tourism Awards